I started this blog to get to know other gardeners and track my own garden's progrss. It is a wonderful way to honor the stewardship I have over my plot of ground I have been blessed with. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blooming Tuesday

I wanted to show you our purple fence. We had some old lattice at our business and I took it from the thow away pile and painted it purple - this picture doesn't do it justice but it really looks great. On the other side is our shade garden/side yard with the pond etc. It is quite lovely.
Of course I have to share our two new babies.....
Teague born August 15th
Tate born August 15th

Have a wonderful Bloomin' Tuesday!I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday! Come join in or see others!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blooming Tuesday - My vVgetable Garden & A Swing!

Hi Girls,
Sorry I have been MIA - I have been working in mygarden and getting ready for 2 new grandchildren due this month. One daughter had her baby boy Sunday August 9 and another daughter is due any second!

Here are a few before and after pictures of the our vegetable garden
First picture after a heavy rainstorm in June.
Second picture yesterday

In June after a huge rainstorm
Second picture - yesterday
Yesterday - I can't get the blogger to upload the before picture - sorry!
My tomatoe tree! It started out as a 12 inch plant. It is so happy and covered with green tomatoes.
A Beautiful Swing our Son In Law made us.....we love it and use it every night! He does this for a buisness and made us one - so sweet!
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