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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Delphiniums!


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One of our daughter had her baby last week and we were out of town. The baby is beautiful - our first granddaughter after 5 grandsons. It was lovely in St. George, Utah - but it is about 30* hotter there than here!

When I got back all my delphiniums were blooming! WOO HOO - The first year they have bloomed - I feel totally blessed. I got them all on a throw away table at a nursery and wasn't sure if they would make it or not. Aren't they lovely!

Being gone a week let the weeds have a hay day! I will be busy for a while getting on top of them again - plus another daughter is due this weekend.

Thanks for stopping be - have a great week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mid Point - Summer Garden

This is our mid summer mark - the middle of July - it froze here a couple of weeks ago and our first frost of the fall can be anytime in September. I wanted to take some pictures of the yard at the mid summer point.
Back Fence Area
This area used to have a huge wood pile and this bush grew up in the front of it. We moved the wood pile and had this little hidden spot. It was dubbed "The Thinking Spot." The next picture shows the little hidden alcove.

This is next to the thinking spot - it is the medicinal garden.
Cutting Garden
A Long Shot of the Cutting Garden
Here are a few of the flowers blooming in the Cutting Garden

Side Yard Area
This is looking towards the Woodland Garden
Woodland Garden
This is the view from the south
THis is the view looking from the side yard to the southThe Honeysuckle is blooming! Our Veggie Garden
Sorry for the weeds - I work on the yard one week and the garden the next -
the garden is next week.
These are the tomatoes - they love being next to this fence. We have such cool nights the tires help to keep them warmer so they do much better. These are the ghords and the beans
These are the raspberries
These are the seed plants - beets, carrots, radishes, lettuce
Strawberries, peppers, carrots, onions
More squash Corn starting to pop!
Entry Area
This is the center of the house. It is the "Hosta Bed" On the left side is the part I just did this spring and it is growing nicely. See photo below. The next photo is the right side which I haven't started - this pix is for me to study next winter so I can make my spring plans. These pictures show the long view of the "Hosta Bed" area.
This is the long view of the Hosta Bed from the driveway
Hope you have a great week!
Today I am thankful for my sweet family.
Expecting two new grandchildren anyday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Out Front - Lily Pad and Driveway

Linking up with Bloomin Tuesday - lots of great gardeners sharing thier gardens - be sure and check them out.

Welcome! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

This is our front area next to the driveway. I redid the area last Summer - not sure why I have had so many problems with this area but I think it is finally starting to work. It is all in purple and white through the summer season.
If you go to your right you will be in the entry way.
If you go to the grass and turn right you will see the Hosta Bed.

This is the last Iris that blooms - it is almost black.

This is a beatuiful purple sedum.

Hardy Geranium

Love this lime!

This darling little flower was a throw away at a local nursery that I rescued from the garbage. I have divided it at least 10 times.

This is a Veronica - it is lovely

This is the "Lily Pad" starting to bloom.

Thanks for stopping by! Prayers for all of you in the Gulf and the Southwest.
I am thankful today for my sweetheart.
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