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Friday, July 22, 2011

Flowers, Fruit and Fun in the Greenhouse!

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Because of the cold spring we have had we are about a month behind on our flowers and  other plants.   My flowers are finally starting to bloom. Here are a few of them:                         

I was outside working and I have raspberries all  over my plants!  This is a big deal as I have tried to grow raspberries several times and failed miserable - my little patch is happy, healthy and    nearly ready for harvest.  YIPPEE   We planted them and put about 6 inches of barkchips all around them.  I think that was the ticket for them - they like acid soil and the bark chips help with that.        

I  checked my grapevines and there are the cutest little clusters of grapes all over them...they are  so great!

Our apple tree's are covered in apples, the apricot tree has apricots and the cherry's are almost ready to turn red.

 - I feel like "THE FARMER IN THE DELL!

FUN in the Greenhouse.
We  are getting things set up inside.  Here is a picture of our progress as of last night.

When we are done we will have 8 feet of propagating area at the front of the greenhouse. We will add shelves, a table and garbage can's for dirt and fertilizer. Then there will be 6 raised boxes in the front to hold the small veggies and herbs. Then behind there is an open area that will be for bigger plants, small tree's etc. We are adding a few fences to the right side for vertical gardening. On the left side will be a small pond that will be used for propagating water plants and a nursery for plants that need some TLC. On the outside of the greenhouse to the right will be a compost bin for close use in the greenhouse.
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Today I am grateful for the sunshine and the summer weather - of course we are in Idaho and it is low  80"s  - I know some of you have major heat going on - take care of yourselves!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Are Building a Greenhouse!

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 It is  mid- July!  Can you believe it?   It has been really cold here until the 4th when it turned hot.   We went from an average of   mid  50* temps to  mid  90* literally overnight.
 Just when I was ready to get out and play in the dirt I got kidney stones  - I am so sorry I haven't been more sympathetic to people with that plight .  (If you ever get them - dandelion and hydrangea help to dissolve them quickly.) I am very aware to make sure I drink enough water everyday!  I never want to do that again!!!
Now onto our news! WE HAVE A GREENHOUSE! 
It is from Tuff Greenhouses.  
We live in Idaho and the wind can blow really hard here - these greenhouses can withstand whatever wind comes our way!
  We assembled  it over the 4th weekend.  My husband, our son and son in law's make a formible crew!  Here are the pictures:

This was the first step  - choosing and making a level spot

 This is after the spot was cleared.
 The spot is ready
  Base is in

 The spines are going up
  Same pictures from a distance
Support  braces are up
 This is how it looks from the end
 Putting up the  vents and fans
 Putting on the skin - we had to get up at 5:00 a.m.   to  put it on without any wind.
 The next cover goes on
 From the end -
 The Back End is Done

Working on the Front End

 Everyone is tired - but it is done!
In the coming weeks I will be sharing setting up our greenhouse.
Thanks for letting me share.
Today I am thankful for plants that grow, the sun that shines and our wonderful family.
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