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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hooking up with
I have had numerous requests for pix of the lights in our side yard. 
Today we took down the  burnt out ones  and  replaced them with new lights.  
We cleaned the pond yesterday and it looks so awesome! 
Here are a few pix....as soon as it is dark I will post some more.
This lamp was one of my mom's that didn't work anymore so I cut off the wire and added some lights inside and hung it - it is lovely!

After Dark Pix: 
Now that it is dark I can see about 3 spots I need to add some lights to - we will do that in the next couple of days.
 This bird cage is filled with all the lights that only 1/2 string work .  It add's great light to a dark corner on the patio.

Today I am thankful for pleasant weather...it has been cold , rainy  and windy here and when the sun shines my green things and my soul  thrive!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Side Yard

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Our side yard has really filled in this year (the pix in the header is our side yard)  I was looking at it tonight in amazement - it grows and all I do is just love it.  This used to be a place where the grass didn't grow and  was just a forlorn little corner .  With some TLC  it has turned into something beautiful and amazing. 
It has been too cold to clean out the pond  - we are doing it next week , but this is the pond part.

 This is the  hosta quad

 This is the bench quad

The Patio Area

I need some help - so please if you have some suggestions - please share. ..this  corner had a hammock in it - the hammock wore out.  So I need to fill it in with some things - I would like to get a free standing  hammock for this area - it will be smaller than our other one - any ideas on what to put in these raised beds I just created?  Things don't grow well in this area in the ground  very well because of the tree.  Please share any ideas you have!

Today I am thankful for my family and friends - it is my b-day and they have made it a special day for me.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Purple Purple Everywhere!

Hooking up with Bloomin Tuesday!
We have had storm after storm with lots of wind and rain...the temps are about 20* below normal - I know the people in the east are baking!  Weird huh! 

It has slowed down the blooms but this week they are starting! 
Hip Hip  Horray!
My lilacs are breathtaking - all over  our town it smells like heaven.
They are nearly a month late in blooming, so this is a real treat.

These are at the base of the white lilacs - so showy!

Here are the purple lilacs and the flowers blooming in front of it.

The Iris are just starting.

We are finally getting our garden planted - the soil dried out enough to till...I will show pictures of all of that when we finish planting.
Today I am thankful for the  65* temps - it feel so glorious!
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Friday, June 3, 2011

What is Happening In Idaho This Week!

We have had a busy week!   
We celebrated our 37th anniversary.
 Best of all!
Our new  #8 baby finally came!
The wind has been blowing like a banchy all week long!
I haven't done much outside so I am putting up some links for some fun past posts:
Some Fun Yard Art
Thanks for stopping by.
Today I am grateful for the miracle of new life!
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