I started this blog to get to know other gardeners and track my own garden's progrss. It is a wonderful way to honor the stewardship I have over my plot of ground I have been blessed with. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Side Yard and Pond Area

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Welcome to our Pond and Side yard area. This is the entrance from the back yard. I tis also off the Livinf Room area in the house. Several years ago this was all grass. The tree got bigger and the grass died. So we decided to put in a retreat of sorts for our dad. We are self employed and he works long hours. we wanted to have a beautiful relazing place for him to be able to spend some time at the end of the day -

It is lovely out here.
There are four quads and the pond area. Each quad is like it's own little garden area. It is all shade garden. These are the hammock and bench quads.

The tree has lights in it and this light has Chirstmas lights in it and when we plug in at night it glows - it is lovely!This is the bench quad - I saw the bench on Tootsies blog and had a bench that wasn't able to be sat in so it turned into a planter like her's. I still want to get more do=da's for it. But it looks awesome and the plants are starting to fill in.
This is the pond area - it is directly to the east of the bench above. I haven't cleaned out the pond yet because it has been too cold - hopefully this week it will be warm enough to do that. A cozy chair and a book are all you need out here! The music that plays when you first come into this blog is how it sounds out there. It is heavenly!This is the top of the pond at the waterfall beginning. The little shelf above the star hold my shovel and other equpiment I need.
When you turn around you see the patio
This is on the side wall - the broken rake holds all the watering supplies. The wreath is the one I made out of the old hose and the bird nest was just vacated by the baby birds and mom. This is the planter on the north side. It has been really cold here (froze my beans last week!) so flowers aren't very lush yet. I will post a pix when these get fuller.
This is looking back towards the back yard This is the view from the living room door. We spend lots of evenings out here with the lights on and the fireplace burning. There are more pots that I will show when they are filling in.


I am thankful this week for our freedom - we are so blessed - may we do what we need to do to keep that priviledge.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.

Out My Back Window This Week - Pink!

This is the amazing view I have when I look out my back bay window/door when I look to the east. It shows our Cutting Garden and the Woodland Area with the swing. In the corner is the Pergebo with a seating area tucked inside.
This week pink is starting to bloom! The following pictures are the beginnings of this pink transformation.

This peony is a start from my grandmother's - she died in the early 60's and my uncle took a start from it. Last year when we helped him clean his yard, he gave me several starts and this year it bloomed for the first time! WOO HOO
There are 6 blooms on it.
Here are paitned daisy's that my sweet friend gave me. They are happy here.
In person this shot is quite lovely - the pink just jumps out at you - hard to capture in the pix.
I can't wait to watch as everything blooms out there.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cutting Garden

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I have several theme gardens, one of them is the "Cutting Garden"
The flowers are pink, purple and white, no matter what season it is.
It goes the length of the house from the back door to the east.
On the other side of the door is the Bistro Garden and the Herb Garden.
Blooming this week:
Perenial Bachelor Buttons
Blooming next week will be
Dianthus and more!
A whole different set of flowers - this is so fun to watch!
West Half of Cutting Garden
East Half of Cutting Garden - through the opening (lower right corner) you go into the pond area. If you turned to right you would be looking at the Woodland area with the swing.
Long shot looking East from West
The Iris still blooming - aren't Iris' amazing!
Here are a few of the flowers just starting to bloom! WOO HOO

What I am thankful for today.
Fresh clean air, blue sky, warm sunshine and finally being able to be outside! It has been a long winter and spring and things have come to life in Idaho!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great weekend - our thoughts and prayers go daily to you who live in the south east US.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hosta's and Comfrey Tea

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Tuesday Garden Party
Hosta Bed
This is our front yard "Hosta Bed" there are about 20 different kinds of Hosta's in all sizes because of age. They are finally starting to fill in - our weather has been so cool it has taken them a while. I am excited to see how much they grow this summer. This is one of my favorites - though I love all Hosta's! This bed I just redid so it is a new bed - there were things not doing too well so I pulled everything out and added Hosta's here too - it connects with the above bed.
Comfrey Tea
Today I made comfrey Tea - here is one of my comfrey plants - I cut one down like it to make the tea.
You fill up a bucket 2/3's full and put a rock onthe top and then fill with water. Let it sit about 2 weeks and you have an amazing, nutritions plant fertilizer. Here is some more information about it. It is another step to being self sustaining.
Here is a post about the nutritional value of it - better than horse manure! http://bucketideasforgardening.blogspot.com/2010/02/comfrey-tea.html
Sadly our freeze last week froze my beans - BOO HOO I was giving them a few days to see how they did but they are sad - I am replanting tomorrow. Notice how a few are ok and others next to them are toast!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great week!
Today I am grateful for the warmth of the sunshine on my face, we haven't felt it much in Idaho yet this season.
This week is my Back Yard Week and my projects are:
Fertilize my pots - DONE
Finish weeding the cutting garden (6 feet to go) - DONE
Clean up the ditch - DONE
Lop the tree's - DONE
Do little flower bed by back gate
Replant the beans
Clean up the play yard area
Go through Woodland - Maintain

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frrost Warning, Pink & B-day Garden Gifts

Look what just came in my e-mail! IT is June 17th for goodness sakes! Our local nursery sends out weather alerts through e-mail and this just came!

Frost Advisory Tonight!
The National Weather Service has issued a freeze watch in effect from late tonight through Friday morning. Temperatures of 30 to 36 degrees possible. Locations include Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rigby, INL Complex, Dubois and St. Anthony.
Cover any tender annuals and vegetables, hanging baskets etc. Protect with blankets, bed sheets, or frost cloth. If you can't cover up, consider turning on sprinklers before the temperature drops below freezing. Hardy annuals (petunias, pansies, etc.), perennials and shrubs should be okay. Anchor coverings well in case of wind.

So I dashed out and covered everthing up and now that everything is covered - here is my post for Fertilizer Friday - be sure and hop on over to Tootsies to see all the great gardeners from everywhere! So fun to see what is blooming in all the different zones.http://www.tootsietime.com/
Lots of pink stuff popping out all over!
Hawthorn Tree - it is magnificent!
Centareus - also considered the perrenial bachelor button
Pix on left are the flowers close up - such a cool flower!
My b-day was a couple of days ago - here is a gift my darling friend Betty shared with me. The pot is a bathroom sink - very awesome!
This is cute do-dad she made me too - it is a bowl inverted with glass marbles glued all over on it - it is stuck on a glass bottle so it sticks in the ground - looks like of like a mushroom out of the dirt. It is in the middle of the bottom in the right picture. The light shining on it is so fun!!!
One of our darling daughters gave this cute garden owl - isn't it so fun!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend - our prayers daily include the people in the Southe east being so negatively affected by this oil spill.

This week my garden tasks when it warms up are to 1 - finishing mulching my garden, 2 - fertilize my pots, 3 - clean out on top of the ditch.

Today I am thankful for such good people that are in my life on a daily basis - I am humbled by the ongoing love they show me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Happening This Week in My Garden

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First I have to tell you - today June 15th is my Birthday I love my b-day - what a wonderful day to hear from family and friends and get to do anything I want and I the day!
This Week's Projects
Geting another section of our fence done ! WOO HOO My sweetie peeking through.

Working on the edges of the flower beds - it cleans them up so much when the grass is cut away from them. You can see the part done and not done in the picture.

When I do these projects I work on them 6 feet at a time and then come back where I finished up the day before - sometimes I get 6 feet done, sometimes more. But the goal is always at least 6 feet.


Today at my house is it mostly yellow and purple.
My Iris are still beautiful.

The Iris are blooming all over my front and back yard. I still have more colors coming but they all bloom at different times here. More Yellow
A little closer up
Pink is starting to bloom! I am hoping to share pink next week.
My Vegetable Garden This Week - The peas and beans

You can see the baby birds, their little beaks are poking up waiting to be fed - I think they are ready to fly away. It has been so much fun to watch them through our window.

They haven't liked it when we use our picnic table.


This week I am thankful for my birthday!

This week plans -

finishing mulching the garden,

finish the edging on my flower beds,

weed again after all the rain,

clean out my garden shed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you have a great week!

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