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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Day Here!

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We have flood warnings everywhere and the rain today isn't going to help that.  In the mountains the snow pack is 197%,  They have emptied the resevoirs down to 10-15% of capacity in anticipation of the melt of the snow. 

Even with that said it is a lovely rainy day here in Idaho. 

Here are a few pictures from our entry area.
I cheated when I took pictures from the front doorway as it is pouring!

As you look out our front door and window this is what you see - the entry garden is really coming up!
I will show the plants when they get a little fuller and it isn't raining!  No plants in pots yet - it hasn't been warm enough.
 This is the other side.  The bleeding heart cane from a start from my grandmother who died in 1994.  I am so happy everytime this darling plant comes up - she loved bleeding hearts. 
This is a lime bleeding heart - isn't it lovely!  It is getting so big this year.  Makes me smile everytime I see it!
Today I am thankful for rainy days  - so peaceful and calming.
Plus I can get my house caught up!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Magic!

I love springtime magic - everything suddenly comes to life - it is magic!  It is wonderful!  So grateful for such beauty and wonderment!

Here are a few of the things happening this week:

This tree just exploded with blossoms!  I have no idea what kind of tree it is - we got it in a throw away pile a couple of years ago without a tag - would love your ideas on what it is.

 This is about to open up!
      Isn't this adorable - in the Woodland Garden
 Just got my bench started - still need to add a few things - too excited about this!  Thanks Tootsie for the idea.
(Click  here to see her bench - scroll down she has a bunch of great pictures.)
 Hosta's starting to come through the ground - we have 5 darling little grandson's under 3, so I put tomato cages around them till they get big enough to see so their leaves don't get scrunched.

1-  Our  veggie  garden is getting plowed and we are making grow boxes - more on that next week 
2 - Cleaning out our play yard area and redoing a few things - more on that in the coming weeks
3 - Herb Bed -  Some  plants that are invasive have taken over so I sprayed them and will be redoing it all in the coming weeks - it will wrap around the corner  (Left side) of the house  and go the full length of the house - the cullinary will be on the back side - more about this later - I am pretty excited about doing this. 
 4 - I  will decide on #4 when these 3 are finished!
 If you haven't seen the next post on the Tulips at Temple Square - be sure and scroll down and take a looksie! They are  beautiful!

Today I am grateful for the wonderment of Spring! 
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Flowers at Temple Sqare

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  Bloomin Tuesday 
Cottage Floral Thursdays
 be sure and check out all the other gardener's -
so amazing to me to see all the gardens in all places of growth on the same day all over the world!

If you are a  flower lover and you  are ever in Salt Lake City, Utah during any flower season you have to go to Temple Square.  The gardens there are amazing.   They cover 35 acres. They are changed out every few weeks so whatever is in season is all over the sqauare...it is amazing....here are a few pix our daughter took last week.

Here Comes The Sun!

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The sun is shining in Idaho! 
It has been 210 days since out temps were at least 70* and we hit it again yesterday
-----everyone is doing the happy dance here!

Things are finally popping up all over my yard.....here are a few pix - I am so excited to share finally.
Here are a few tulips - aren't they lovely.
Here are some of the daffodils

 A few of the pond plants

 Apricot blossoms

 My honey crisp tree has new growth  - Here is the post I tell about planting it I planted it about a month ago
I am grateful today for the sun!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Geraniums From Basement To Side Yard

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I have 6 hanging baskets of geraniums that I overwinter. In the fall I cut them off to about 3 inches and put them in the windows on the south side down stairs. We are pretty far north so they get about 6 hours of basement sunlight a day. I water them about every 10 days. It is time to put them outside again - here is one of the pots - doesn't it look great! I give them fertilizer and then put them in the shade for about a week to reaclimate them to the outdoors. Once that happens they will flourish all summer. Every year they get bigger and bigger - they are so easy to care for and it saves a bunch of money too!

This next picture is one of the smaller geraniums in pots. They are in a shade flower bed and will stay there for the week to help them with the transition from basement to outdoors. They were also cut off to about 3 inches . There are about 9 pots in this group. Here they are:

Today I am thankful for the weather warming up a bit! YIPPEE!!!
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This post tells about getting everything ready in the fall
    Also if you scroll to the bottom is an article that gives instructions about overwintering geraniums.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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