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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flowers At My House!

So excited to be a part of Tootsie Time Blog Garden Party this week!  Be sure and check out all the other gardeners - you be glad you did!  http://www.tootsietime.com/

I am so excited to show you flowers in my yard FINALLY!
It got down to 12* the other night so the flowers that were in bloom that I didn't have a pix of yet - pretty much are toast - have to wait to see them next year.
These have bloomed yesterday and today.

Thanks for stopping by - today I am thankful for the colors of spring!


Beth said...

Beautiful spring garden, Paula. Hope the cold snap didn't totally end their blooming. We are getting SNOW on our tulips/daffs/etc. Boo hoo!
xo Beth

Luisa said...

Very pretty! I am so sorry about your table...mother nature seems to be wreaking havoc every where :-( I have a question...do you know what that purple flower is in your third picture? I have seen a couple of those randomly pop up in my yard and thought that it was a wildflower. Popping in from Tootsie's!

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