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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Tulips Are Starting to Bloom!

Here are my first three tulips - WOO HOO!

These are marsh marigold's the first flowers blooming
in our pond.


Thanks to Jean for sponsoring Blooming Tuesday - check out the other Blooming Tuesday Gardens - they are always lovely.... http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/


Becca's Dirt said...

And what a show they are. I love the yellow ones. Can't wait to see more of your blooms.

Meg said...

Tulips are always so romantic. I always want to pick them and bring them inside but my sister says that they won't bloom as well next year. Is that correct? Gorgeous! Meg

Jean said...

Now that things have started we'll be in for a super show! Lovely tulips! Jean

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your tulips, pretty colors. Just like Easter eggs. :)

Connie said...

Tulips are beautiful...I need to plant more in the fall. I have a few die-hards that were here when we moved in almost 22 years ago!

I love the marsh marigolds. Wish we had a pond to plant things like that.

Is the picture in your header of your yard? Awesome!

Laurie and Chris said...

I really like the white Tulips. I will have to check into buying some bulbs.

siteseer said...

I had lots of tulips years ago and over years of neglect and house projects we're starting over with a whole new landscape project. This year we have a circle of red tulips.... this fall I'll be adding lots more. Love the first signs of Spring.

Anonymous said...

Your tulips are very pretty. My favorite is the yellow one. I took some pictures in a park of tulips today. The wind was blowing so hard, though; don't know how good they turned out.

Beth said...

These are so pretty! Spring is a wonderful season!

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