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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harvesting and Canning Tomatoes

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Here are my tomatoes finally ready to harvest. They are about one month late because our weather has been so cold this season. You can see all the stems of other plants around them that have already frozen. We cut all the leaves off so it would help speed things up.
They are ready and we had a wonderful crop! Here are a couple of my helpers picking tomatoes.
These are two of our daughters who also had tomatoes in their gardens and we canned like crazy people last Saturday. We did Salsa and V-8 Juice.
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Today I am thankful for stamina to do my stewardships.
Recipes we used.
1/4 bu. ripe tomatoes (15 lbs. = a 1/4 bu.)
6 large onions
16 to 20 long green chilies ( like Anaheim) (we used 5)
2 Tbsp. salt
6 bell peppers
6 jalapeno peppers (we only used 2)
2/3 c. vinegar
3 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 c. fresh parsely
1/2 cup fresh coriander
3 cloves garlic
Peel tomatoes and seed peppers. Coarse grind all ingredients.
Simmer 1 hour, stirring frequently, or until right consistency.
Water bath to seal. Makes 14 pints

V-8 Juice
1/2 gallon Tomato Juice
3 large onions blended
8 med bell peppers
1/4 - 1/2 cup salt (your taste)
1 cup vinegar
2 tbs seasoning salt
1 tbs black pepper
1 jalepeno pepper
You can also add carrot, celery and beet juice but you must increase your pressure lbs. and cooking time to 30 mins.
Boil and fill jars.
Pressure at 10lbs. for 15 minutes.


Mary-Frances said...

Oohh, you're so lucky - the tomatoes look delicious. Thanks for the recipes - they will come in handy next year!

Alea said...

What an amazing harvest!I have been looking for a V-8 recipe; thanks for sharing it today!

On Wednesday, I am hosting a blog carnival called Real Food Deals at www.premeditatedleftovers.com. I would love for you to link up this post because you are definitely saving money while making real food!

bettyl said...

I love fresh tomatoes just off the vine! Your pictures remind me of the canning I used to help Mom do--we had a kitchen full of bushels!

Jean said...

I'm so glad all your lovely tomatoes ripened. Sounds like a lot of work but well worth it, I'm sure. Jean

Bonnie said...

You are ambitious. What a big job. Thanks for the recipes!

Karen said...

Wow, you had a great harvest! My tomatoes all keeled over, way too much rain this year. You have a lot of jars there, and it looks like so much fun. Thank you for the recipes!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

ahhh, I'm seeing red too!!! LOL

Tootsie said...

you seem very busy! I am here looking for your fertilizer friday post that was linked in...but cannot find it anywhere!!!

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