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Friday, June 10, 2011

Purple Purple Everywhere!

Hooking up with Bloomin Tuesday!
We have had storm after storm with lots of wind and rain...the temps are about 20* below normal - I know the people in the east are baking!  Weird huh! 

It has slowed down the blooms but this week they are starting! 
Hip Hip  Horray!
My lilacs are breathtaking - all over  our town it smells like heaven.
They are nearly a month late in blooming, so this is a real treat.

These are at the base of the white lilacs - so showy!

Here are the purple lilacs and the flowers blooming in front of it.

The Iris are just starting.

We are finally getting our garden planted - the soil dried out enough to till...I will show pictures of all of that when we finish planting.
Today I am thankful for the  65* temps - it feel so glorious!
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Grace said...

Your weather sounds, well, like my weather. But your blossoms, although late, look great.

Anonymous said...

I love your Lilacs, wish your post was scratch & sniff! ;)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your lilacs are gorgeous! Especially the white ones, the few I get are always puny. Enjoy:@)

Deb said...

Love the lilacs!!! I'm a tad jealous! I have one bush, and it's NEVER bloomed. Someone told me I needed a second bush. I planted one, and now I have two lilacs that have never bloomed. Maybe I have two males.... who knows?! :)

Zoey said...

I do love your white lilacs.

Purple is the main color in my garden right now, too.

Jean said...

Lovely lilacs! Love the purple iris with the bright yellow center. Jean

Donna Heber said...

Hi Paula,

Your lilacs are stunning! I can just smell them right now ... lol. Your Irises are so striking. What a beautiful bi-color. Have a wonderful day!

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