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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Greenhouse and Gardening - January 26, 2011

It is the third week of January and I think all gardeners thoughts turn to gardening this time of year.  It is snowing outside today in Idaho.

I am excited to go through an entire growing season with our greenhouse and garden and learn how to make it all work together.  As I have been studying I am learning that I can plant cool weather crops in a couple of weeks in there.  A few days later, I need to plant my seedlings for warm weather crops that will go into the garden.  I am getting really excited about the entire process.

I went out and checked my flowers that are under a low tunnel with Christmas lights keeping them warm and I have a few little flowers blooming.  I will do things different next year but this year we did pretty good for not having any idea what we were doing!

I would like to make a record through the year weekly about what I am doing.  Hopefully it will help me next year and maybe someone else too.

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Betty said...

Way to go Paula! It sounds like you have learned a lot from your research and trial and error. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot from you about Heirloom seeds.
Love, betty

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