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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seed Gathering

I am so excited!  I have been harvesting my seeds - that isn't exactly right - in the fall I cut all plants with  seeds and put them in boxes in the garage.  I finished in October - then it was the holidays - so now I am getting them all out of their pods etc and packaging them up.  I have alot of seeds!  I am so excited that I actually did it.  It is my first year. 
CARRONTS and BEETS take two years to get seeds from them.  I covered the plants with straw and let them grow back up last spring and it worked!  I have read a bunch of stuff about digging them up and replanting them.  I have tried that a few times and it NEVER worked.  So in 2010 I covered them with straw and in the spring they  popped right up and in the fall I had seeds - WOO HOO!
CUCUMBERS - Cucumbers are a little tricky.  You cut them out of the center and leave the junk stuff on them,  cover with water, let them fermint and then the seeds float.  Strain them out and then let them dry.  I haven't done tomatoes, but I have read they are the same process.
RADISHES, BROCCOLI, BEANS, PEAS are all easy, you just let them grow till they come to a seed head, let dry and then gather.
This next year I am going to try new plants and new seeds.  Planning all of that now....


Garden seeds said...

Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

Hammock said...

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Anonymous said...

Gardening is interesting and of much fun. Im looking forward to your big harvest of this year. Have fun and enjoy the time in the Greenhouses.

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