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Friday, February 27, 2009

What to plant in my Herb Garden?

I typed this up a few days ago but wanted to share it for blooming Tuesday this week. When I can start making lists and plans like this it means that SPRING IS IMMINENT!!!!!

Thanks to Jean at Mrs. Green Thumb for hosting Blooming Tuesday - see her blog at http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/ to see other participants!

I have been planning our garden and yard this past week. I love this time of year to look at seed magazines and decide what is happening in our little garden.
I have been studying what type of herbs I want to plant and that can live in a zone 4. These are herbs that can be used for cullinary but have medicinal benefits as well.

Here is my list so far:
Basil - bite pain, cramps, nausea, indigestion, headache, fever, calmative
Dill - sedative, insomnia, gas, cramps,stress
Marjoram - nausea, toothache, sprains, joints
Mullein - skin irrations, burns, antiseptic
Parsley - blood sugar, bites, swelling, nerves
Peppermint - headaches, antiseptic, sinus/bronchial congestion. digestion, gas
Sage - depression, yeast or blood infection, congestion, diarhea, fever
Alfalfa - minerals, detox, builds blood, joints, diuretic (May plant along outside fence area)
Cayenne Peppers - antiseptic, sore throat, bleeding, ulcers, pain
Onion - sprins, respirtory congetsion, diabetes
Garlic - antibiotic, anti viral,adust blood pressure,
Dandelion - digestion, liver, blood sugar
There are other plants as well, but they can't be grown here, so I will need to either have ahouse plant or stock up on the herb.
Aloe Vera - speeds healing, antispetic, digestion, burns, skin ailments
Cinnamon - antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, diabetes, ulcer, nausea, ulcers, cramps
Cloves - toothache, nausea, gas, mild depression, insect repellent
Ginger - great to take baths in when sick
Nutmeg - diarhea
Oats - nervous exhaustion, depression, shingles, eczema
Olive Leaf - antibiotic,anti viral, enerby, lower blood pressure


Darla said...

Good list here.

Carla said...

wow! I may have to print this out. Please share how you do your herb garden:)

Aiyana said...

This is a good reference. I'll have to refer back to it. The problem with seed magazines is that they are written for every climate except ours, it seems. By the time they've arrived, it's too late for spring planting, so I lose interest.

Dee said...

That is a great list- thanks for sharing it!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh I love herbs! My rosemary is in a tub outside and has blooms all over it. I simply love all the pictures at the bottom of your garden. Hugs, Rosemarie

ps. Your gardening projects would be great for Project Friday

Jean said...

Wow! I didn't realize there were so many ills that can be helped with herbs. I have several different kinds of thyme but just because I love the smell. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post. Jean

Deb said...

I like your list, that's good information to have. I love herbs, dill and rosemary are my favorite for the smells.

Cynthia said...

WOW!! I knew what some herbs did for food but not for the human body, that they could be medicine as well, really cool post!!

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