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Monday, March 23, 2009

March 24 - Blooming Tuesday

Thanks to Jean at for hosting Blooming Tuesday. I love this day to look at everyone's gardens and how they are growing and share in this carnival. Check out this link to see other participants http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/

We went to a garden show at BYU-Idaho on Saturday. I would lke to share some fun pix from that show with some cute yard decorating ideas.

Look at these darling chairs! So bright and fun - I have seen trellises that match these colors at the nurseries this spring. I think I am going to spray paint my old plastic chairs in these bright colors.I loved these brushes painted and hanging from tree's to match the chairs. You could paint any object and use it for decor and follow a color scheme.

Here is the blue and purple corner with blue flowers

This was an amazing pipe fountain - the water circulated and was colored blue

Here is the orange section - look at thes fun twigs bundled and spray painted orange. You could just throw them away at the end of the season.

An orange wind sock

This was a really neat gate that you could make.

Close up of the corner part

This is a picture looking through the foilage at our daugher and her husband. As a senior she was one of the people in charge this year of this show. (They are going to have a baby in August.) My husband is in the tan shirt - he has lost 40 lbs since January -doesn't he look great! (He has 40 lbs. to go.)


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Paula, Happy Bloomin Tuesday!
I love all the ideas you posted! I love all the bright colored chairs!
I looked through your blog, I love gardening too and I am also LDS.

Aiyana said...

Great photos from your garden show. I've never been a fan of garden shows here in Arizona--they don't have a lot of plants--mostly unrelated junk! I've seen those chairs, and they are always tempting with their bright colors.

Darla said...

Very interesting, love the color schemes!

Suzanne said...

Love those chairs and the wheelbarrow. I have one just like that that I should paint and use! I sent an email to my daughter in Nashville. I'll send you that info in an email. BTW,I have a daughter at BYU-I. ;o)

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Wow, I love all these bright colors. Think I'll paint one of my wheelbarrows red like the blue one and put red geraniums in it, love this display. Thanks for these wonderful photos. Rosemarie

Carla said...

What smart person comes up with such cool-ness? Thanks for sharing:)

Jean said...

Love all the bright colors! Great ideas! Thanks! Jean

Anonymous said...

Love the Adirondack chairs. What a delightful garden show it must have been.

Deb said...

What a fun garden show, love the bright colors, congrats to your huband!

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