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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cutting Garden

Linking up with Show and Tell and Fertilizer Friday
I have several theme gardens, one of them is the "Cutting Garden"
The flowers are pink, purple and white, no matter what season it is.
It goes the length of the house from the back door to the east.
On the other side of the door is the Bistro Garden and the Herb Garden.
Blooming this week:
Perenial Bachelor Buttons
Blooming next week will be
Dianthus and more!
A whole different set of flowers - this is so fun to watch!
West Half of Cutting Garden
East Half of Cutting Garden - through the opening (lower right corner) you go into the pond area. If you turned to right you would be looking at the Woodland area with the swing.
Long shot looking East from West
The Iris still blooming - aren't Iris' amazing!
Here are a few of the flowers just starting to bloom! WOO HOO

What I am thankful for today.
Fresh clean air, blue sky, warm sunshine and finally being able to be outside! It has been a long winter and spring and things have come to life in Idaho!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great weekend - our thoughts and prayers go daily to you who live in the south east US.


debiclegg said...

I love irises especially purple ones!! There is something joyful about a garden bursting in color!! Looking forward to more pictures!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Lovely start to your blooms! I just planted a cutting garden this year. I've got some herbs in it too.

Tootsie said...

I always say I will cut some this year and take them inside...and never do...good thing I spend most of my waking time outside in the summer!!! haha
thanks for linking in this week...I have enjoyed my visit to see the progress in your garden!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful iris's. You sure have a lot of gardens and plants. Everything looks so healthy and full. Thanks for asking, but I'm in MO. Close enough that I've vacationed in the gulf several times. Isn't it a horrifying tragedy?

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