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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out My Back Window This Week - Pink!

This is the amazing view I have when I look out my back bay window/door when I look to the east. It shows our Cutting Garden and the Woodland Area with the swing. In the corner is the Pergebo with a seating area tucked inside.
This week pink is starting to bloom! The following pictures are the beginnings of this pink transformation.

This peony is a start from my grandmother's - she died in the early 60's and my uncle took a start from it. Last year when we helped him clean his yard, he gave me several starts and this year it bloomed for the first time! WOO HOO
There are 6 blooms on it.
Here are paitned daisy's that my sweet friend gave me. They are happy here.
In person this shot is quite lovely - the pink just jumps out at you - hard to capture in the pix.
I can't wait to watch as everything blooms out there.

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