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Friday, September 10, 2010

28* at My House!

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Fall has officially arrived at my house - it has been down to 28* several nights in a row.
The corn is turning yellow and nearly ready to harvest. These apples need to freeze to turn sweet and be ready to make into applesauce, juice, jam's and pie filling.

The sweet pea's are still sharing their beauty with me!

Thanks for stopping by.
Today I am grateful for the seasons - I love the changes they bring both in the outside and in my personal life.
Have a great week!


Beth said...

It looks like fall is almost here! Pretty sweet peas and apples. Harvest time is indeed special!

Becca's Dirt said...

I'm with you Paula. I love the change in seasons. Just makes things feel new again and the crisp air just feels good. Loads of apples there. I love me some apple pie. Never had homemade applesauce. Beautiful sweet peas. I just received some seeds from a fellow blogger so I am hoping to have some next year.

RainGardener said...

Your temps really are dipping aren't they? Nice looking apple tree. Your Sweet Peas look great still, we did them one year and they didn't do so great. Isn't there a perennial one, maybe I should try that. I really want to have some, they smell so heavenly.
I saw in your profile you like Return To Me. Isn't that just the best movie? Gives ya that 'warm all over' feeling! And the music is great too.

Beth said...

I absolutely love sweetpeas, the beautiful blooms and the aroma, oh! Enjoy the changing of the seasons and the harvest to come!

Shirley said...

Hello buckets. Your apples look delectable. Are they good eating apples as well?

It has felt like fall here in Edmonton Canada for a while now. In fact, it's as if summer never showed up. I am trying to embrace autumn through photography while on my walks and it helps but still I am sad for the missing season. Come pop by and say hi sometime.


Tootsie said...

it's cold here lately too....don't expect things to live much longer...one night this comin week we are supposed to be about 7 degrees below freezing...pretty sure that will do my gardens in.
thanks for flaunting with me!

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