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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Happenings At My House

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It has frozen here several nights so these are the end of my flowers - they have been so great to me this year - sharing their beauty all through the season. In the next couple of weeks they will be all cut down and ready to go to sleep. We have had a really short summer - our last freeze was mid June and then our first frost this fall the end of Ausgust - poor little tomatoes need heat! It is supposed to be nice this week so I cut back all their leaves and hopefully the sun can do it's thing!
This sunflower is so cheery I had to take a picture against the sky a few minutes ago

Here it is close up.

Pumpkins starting to ripen too - need some sunny days!
Notice the frozen leaves :(

Starting to gather my squash - I ran out of night tonight but this wheelbarrow will be filled several times before I am done.
Thanks for stopping by! Today I am grateful for Fall - I love every part of it!
Have a good week!

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Racquel said...

Wow look at that harvest of squash. So jealous, mine were a failure this summer. :(

Jean said...

You do have a short growing season. What do you do with all of your harvest?. Love the sunflower against the sky photo. Perfect! Jean

Zoey said...

Nice sunflower photo! What a short growing season. It is sad to see it all go, but I am looking forward to no garden chores for six months.

Bonnie said...

I can't believe you have already had a frost. I am not looking forward to ours.

Alea said...

We haven't even had frost yet, though we usually do by this time. The lowest we've gone is 36 degrees. Your garden looks really good, especially considering your weather!

Maureen said...

I love the sunflower silhouette. Very cool.

Karen said...

What a pretty sunflower, love the silhouette.

Oh, you had a very short growing season this year! And I thought WI had short summers.

We haven't had frost yet, but it could be any day. In a way, once everything is done for the season, I sort of like cutting things back and tidying up the gardens, though it is a lot of work.

Hope your tomatoes ripen; all of your vegetables look fantastic!

Rosemary said...


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