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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to Start Harvesting

My vegetable garden is ready to harvest - we had the most wonderful BLT's the other day with tomatoes still warm from the sun and lettuce so fresh fried crookneck squash, I am geting hungry just thinking about it! We wanted to keep eating and eating! It was yummy.

We are supposed to have a freeze tonight, tomorrow night and Tuesday night. I will cover the tomatoes and water the corn, but the rest I am going to let it go. My pumpkins need the sunlight anyway to ripen totally.

We will be canning apples soon - they need to freeze then they will be sweet and ready. Canning Salsa, V-8 Juice, speghetti sauce, peaches and more. Such a great time to preserve this yuumy stuff.

This has been a crazy, chaotic and wonderful summer. The days have sped by I am amazed it is September already.

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