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Saturday, August 6, 2011

It is August!

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Our season is so late  this year  because it has been so cool - weird I know because the rest of the country is so warm -   the lily's are finally starting to bloom...here is the first wave of them,

This is a pot in our pond area - love this spike and so excited because I can overwinter it in our greenhouse.

Here is one of  the hosta's    This little spot wouldn't grow anything so I tried this  hosta and it loves it here.  I  am going to save seeds from Hosta's this year and start them in the greenhouse.  I think next week I will do a  hosta tour for my post.
Here are some Hop's  - I haven't ever grown Hop's before, but it is doing great! Not totally sure  what to do with this since we don't drink beer!  Have to study this out a bit.
  Holly hocks starting to grow....

 Perenial Bachelor Button

  Love, love, love this Astilbe! It is amazing

 Daisy   and  Bee Balm
      Apples left, cherries middle, apricots on the right - apples and apricots not quite ripe.  The fruit is amazing.  We are picking a  1/2 to  1  gallon of  raspberries a day for now.

These are carrot seeds.   I thought carrots were hard to seed .  They are a biennial so you have to plant them  and then get the seeds the next season .  I planted them and then last fall put a bale of  straw on them, this year they made it and popped right up!  WOO  HOO
Greenhouse Progress
We have all the boxes  placed   - we  sprayed the weeds.    This next week I am adding   compost to each box.

Thanks for stopping by - this week I am thankful for  fresh rain that we have  been able to enjoy this past week.
Have to show you one more picture:
Now this is my favorite picture -  we had a family reunion last weekend.  We have a family B-day party each year. This year we did a pirate theme.  We have  20 people with our kids, son in laws and  grandchildren. 
This is a picture of our  just our kids and g-kids.

I was so tired when everyone  left on Sunday Night - this was my kitchen Monday morning - the sink is full of cups and plates that aren't on the cupboard anymore.   It is clean now - what a great time we had!    (Everyone's cups are on a clothesline over the sink  - that is still up - I am such a romantic!)


Zoey said...

What a big beautiful family you have.

I love that greenhouse and the hollyhock garden is lovely. I have no luck with hollyhocks so I just enjoy them in other's gardens.

Sandy said...

I would give anything to have a greenhouse... Your garden looks like it's tended with love... very nice!

Rosemary said...

Paula your garden is so full of colour.... never grown hops either may have to try.... family reunion sounded like fun like the cup hanging idea......

Racquel said...

You have alot going on right now with the garden, the greenhouse and a reunion. Pretty blooms this week. :)

Becca's Dirt said...

Looks like a big greenhouse. Are you putting veggies in it? Great photo of the family. You have a big family. I come from a large family too. Unusual bachelor button. I love delphinium and must have some for my gardens next year.

Jean said...

Paula, What fun to have a greenhouse! Everything looks beautiful even if it is a little behind. Jean

Rosemary said...

Hi Paula thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer to your question re potting a limelight hydrangea . You could for one year making sure to bury the pot once it is winter, it gets so large after the first year about 4x4 feet thereafter would have to find a spot. Might be quite happy over winter in the greenhouse..

Sunray Gardens said...

I can't believe your daylilies are just blooming. Mine are just finishing up except the rebloomers. Lovely stuff going on there.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Darla said...

Your flowers look great, love the hollyhocks and I have never seen a button like this! You have a bunch of beautiful pirates in your family, :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Mother Nature does seem to be playing some strange tricks with plants this year. Lovely photos not just the plants but of the family gathering.

Beth said...

Paula, Love your hollyhocks and delphiniums - really, everything is looking just outstanding. I enjoyed your post.

Fishtail Cottage said...

love bachelor buttons! so unique & beautiful! Thanks for sharing your post at Fishtail Cottage's Garde Party! xoxo, tracie

Karen said...

So glad to meet you through Tootsie's Flaunt. Love your gardens, everything looks so healthy and well tended. I wish I could grow hollyhocks, but the bugs just take over. Yours are so pretty, gosh everything is! Our family reunion is this weekend. Good times ahead.

Have a great weekend.

☆☆Mumsy said...

Your garden is fantastic, and beautiful with bloom!

The day after the party is always a dreaded chore for me..

Tootsie said...

WELL...BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!! THEY WERE WORTH THE WAIT! my hostas look like they have been shredded after the hail...but they are still alive so I am happy...lol
thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms and your lovely family this week...and for linking in with me!!

My garden haven said...

I'm glad I found your blog via Tootsie's. I would love to get some buckets full of ideas from you. I'm always in need of inspiration before I get started on a project!
You do have so many things going on...but that bachelor's button is lovely!

Anonymous said...

The greenhouse looks like it is on its way. Pretty soon you'll be able to grow year-round. Good luck!

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