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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play Yard

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We have a fun play yard but we are growing out of it. We decided to add a tire mountain - this is the party to get it started,

Painting Tires
Painting more of the play yard

Tires Finished

All Stacked Up

Here is a picture of the entire play yard - you can see the grass line where we expanded - still not finished, the heat has put a damper on working on it - we will work on it more when it cools down.  It is still fun and being used. 
In the back is the sound wall and the water wall.  
I will show those in another post.
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for stopping by!
Today I am grateful for my darling grandchildren who love me and want to play at my house!
Have a great weekend.


Tootsie said...

looks like everyone had a great day! thanks for linking in this week!!!

shahbaz khan said...

I would like to share your Flowers collection with my friends, because it was interesting, unique, and beautiful.

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