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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Year Round Greenhouse Gardening

Inside of the greenhouse - in the back are squash and tomatoes,  In front of that are cucumbers and peppers.  In front of that are carrots, lettuce and beets going to seed (on purpose).  In front of that herbs.  Strawberries along the walk way

We got our greenhouse 1 year ago  - I have learned so much!  I still have so much to learn!

Going through a year with experiementing and working on this I have finally figured out how to make this work with my outside garden and how to make it so we have a continuous harvest.

Finally figuring out my schedule for Greenhouse gardening!
I am in zone 4.

Here it is:
---FEB/MARCH -plant cool weather crops in greenhouse, start some seeds
---APRIL - plant warm weather crops in greenhouse, start some seeds, cool weather crops outside
---Early MAY - cool weather crops outside - harvest cool weather crops greenhouse - plant warm weather crops in their place in greenhouse
---LATE MAY - warm weather crops outside - harvest greenhouse
---JUNE - weed like crazy - harvest some warm weather crops from greenhouse
---JULY -  harvest warm weather from greenhouse some cool weather from outside
---AUGUST - harvest warm weather from outside, plant fall crops in greenhouse - (have about 90 days from August 1st for unheated choose seeds accordingly)
---SEPTEMBER - harvesting last of  outside crops
---OCTOBER - harvesting last of warm weather crops from greenhouse
---NOVEMBER ---harvesting from greenhouse
---DECEMBER through FEBRUARY - only harvesting cool weather such as spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, herbs etc. I keep plastic and fleece blankets over them - enough last year to keep things growing and harvesting - water about once every other week
 We only have about 6 weeks left of outside gardening here in Idaho - it has been a hot summer here, just like most of you. 
Today I am grateful for the cool of the basement on a hot summer day.
Happy Gardening! 
p.s. note to self - next year don't plant so many squash and tomatoe plants! 


NellJean said...

It sounds as if you have a good handle on what you can grow when. The only thing I did not see listed that I found grows well inside is eggplant. I use a dwarf eggplant from Renee's seeds. They're fun to watch grow as well as to eat. I haven't seen yet how far into cold weather they'll keep bearing.

Beth said...

Very nice greenhouse!

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