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Friday, August 24, 2012

My Flowers Grown From Seed

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Today I want to share pictures of  the flowers that are next to the fence around the play yard. 
 I am so happy with these because I grew them from seeds in our greenhouse.  They are heirloom seeds so I get to gather their seeds too! 
 I have never done that before and to think they actually grew, lived and bloomed is a pretty big deal!

Here is a picture of each side:

Today I am grateful for the blue sky! 
We can see it today - first time in weeks because of all the heavy smoke from the fires around us.
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Darla said...

It is such a rewarding feeling! Love the painted fence.

Autumn Belle said...

These are so sweeet! It takes a lot of patience to grow flowers from seed.

NellJean said...

Fifteen years from now, it will still be that: "they actually grew, lived and bloomed is a pretty big deal!" Every year is different, every year is exciting.

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