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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project #4 - Clean Out The FLower Beds

I have two posts today - for Tootsie Time post scroll down to next post - however just have to say if you want a great garden walk check out Tootsie TIme Garden Hop - you be glad you did!
We had an amazing wind storm on Tuesday - wind gusts over 60 mph for hours.  It tore lots of things apart - we heard about trampolines hitting houses, trees coming down in the park, toys broken from flying around, roads were closed and my wonderful table got shattered - so sad!

It has been in this little protected space for several years but we think a gust must have pulled out the umbrella and that is what hit it.  The umbrella was on the ground when we first saw the damage.

Project #4 - I haven't felt well the past couple of summers and my yard shows it - one of my projects for the year is to REALLY clean out my flower beds, put some bark chips back into them so the ground can be covered and get healthy again.  So these pix are pix of this project.
This is the entry area - things are starting to grow!

 This is the driveway area
and to the left is the hosta bed. 
 This area I am totally redoing to make a medicinal herb bed.
 This is the cullinary herb area and the bistro garden.
 The cutting garden
 This is the side yard

 The patio after I cleaned up all the glass - sad table!

Today I am graetful for health and being able to feel good enough to clean my yard!


Beth said...

Hope you feel well and are able to accomplish your gardening goals this year! Sorry about your table. We
had a table with a glass top fall when we had guys working to build a deck. I still, 8 years later, find pieces of glass in my border garden bed!
xo Beth

Connie said...

Good Morning! I am so excited to have found your wonderful blog. I too have a small garden that I continue to pack full of delightful little areas of plantings and places for relaxing and enjoying our warm seasons. When winter settles down, I start making plans. There is so much work to be done in a garden, but the pleasures and rewards are outstanding. I love, love, love that I found your blog, because you are the first gardener that truly seems a kindred spirit in the way we enjoy our outside space. My name is Connie and I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm invitation to visit my blog and to follow me back. You will find that I have a lot of interests: gardening, re-furbishing, artsy everything, music and at the present time my husband and I are restoring an old wooden sailboat. I would be honored to have you as a follower.
Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

chris vogas said...

nice blog ....we will wait for your upcoming post...really awesome....thanks for sharing...

chris vogas said...

Fabulous! this is such a great posting about gardenning! thanks so much for sharing!

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