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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greenhouse & Your Family

I am totally excited that I am adding a greenhouse to my gardening this spring/summer. I have been researching greenhouse gardening and can see so many benefits from doing it. For those of you who have children at home, gardening is always more fun when it's done with the family. No matter if it is a garden inside or outside! There are many wonderful ways to share lessons with your children through gardening. I am ready to spend some time with my grandchildren there and help them learn a love for the dirt like my Grandmother taught me.
Here are a few resources when you are getting ready to take your child to the greenhouse/ garden or the containers in your home:
~Teach kids the 5 senses while gardening More Info
~Even if there is snow on the ground there are possible winter activities with plants! More Info
~ Teaching children how to grow plants in the soil is a wonderful way to share valuable principles about family life. More Info
~Teach your children early about the rewards of gardening More Info
~Kids enjoy the messy, dirty and wriggly side of gardening. All kids like to get some dirt on them! More Info
Having a garden is a way to teach your children and have fun with them all at the same time! This is what people sat about the benefits of a greenhouse in their families Video
For more information about the greenhouse I am using, you can contact: brent@tuffgreenhouses.com you can also click on the side bar of the blog at the top for a link.

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