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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Cutting Garden

Along the back of our house on the south side is my (our) cutting garden. It is full of perenials and blooms with different flowers all season long. The snow is melting away from our house, so it is the first garden that can be cleaned out. I have Iris that have really spread forward. I am going to dig them all out and move them else where. I also need to clean out some grass in a few spots. Some of the flowers are hollyhocks, daisies, peonies, cone flower, lambs ear, iris, mint, all kinds of bulbs and a bunch of others.
When I was finished raking and cutting, there are little green things poking up through the ground everywhere!
If you have a spot that you can put a cutting garden into, I would highly recommend it.
This is a picture of the back yard, you can see where the snow is melting. It was 39* today and sunny and so warm. I worked out without a coat and only garden gloves.

This is the cutting garden after it is all cleaned out.

This is a post I made last year about this area that shows before and after pictures.

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