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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hosta's - My Garden of Eden Plant!

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It is a rainy day in Idaho today, so I get a study day. I have wanted to study a little more about Hosta's for my yard and so I wanted to share some thoughts about "Hosta's" with you today for Blooming Tuesday.
The first time I saw a Hosta I was about 12 years old. We toured the gardens at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) in Rexburg, Idaho. I had never seen such huge leaves on such a beautiful plant. I asked everyone I knew what the name of it was and nobody around had ever seen anything like it either. All I knew to call them was that plant that looks like it should be in the Garden of Eden. After I was married my mother in law had one in her yard and I found out what it was called. I have been hooked ever since! This is a start of that Hosta that I got from my Mother -In-Law's yard several years ago - it likes it at my house!
When we added out side yard, I knew I wanted Hosta's as the staple of the garden. They are all starting to fill in now and look amazing....but there is always room for more.
I also planted Hosta's along the front of our house. It is on the north side and they love it there. That garden is called "The Hosta Bed"

My first Hosta is starting to pop!
This is what this Hosta will look like this summer. It is planted in the entry area.
Isn't it so beautiful! I love it!

A little about Hosta's
They need to be fertilzed in late fall or early spring, preferably before they break ground. (Which for me is right now!)
  • If you are going to divide them you need to do it first thing in the spring, just as they are coming through the ground
  • You can split some of my hosta's to move to other parts of the garden and to give starts away.
  • The first year they grow slowly, once they are established they really pop!
  • They are at their best in the shade. Their large leaves indicate this.
  • The varieties that are more yellow tolerate the sun better than the darker colors.
  • There are hundred's of varieties of Hosta's. There are Hosta's with veriigated leaves, blue eaves, yellow leaves, lime leaves, small leaves, big leaves and every size in between.
Here are a few links with some Hosta Information:



Elena said...

Beautiful, I just love Hostas!

Jean said...

Everything looks so green and lush. I worked outside today and just the tips of the hosta are showing. Love the sizes and colors. Jean

Aiyana said...

Love Hostas, but they don't work here. I have had a couple of Hosta houseplants (like in the last photo)over the years, but after awhile, they don't look so good, and never lasted more a year.
(p.s. I did send my address last September, but never heard back re the Hollyhock seeds. Thought you had changed your mind! I still want them!!)

Carla said...

Soon I will be moving to a shady yard, and hostas are on my list:). I love you call them Garden of Eden plants. Too cool!

Peter said...

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