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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Planting Peppers and Tomatoes

I love to plant peppers - they grow nicely here and we always get a wonderful harvest. I make salsa with them, freeze them and dry them for storage and cooking. The top corner is on the south east side. The wind blows from that side so I put a little wall up to help protect them from that. Here they are first planted:
I have found I also need to protect them from the sun after they are first planted. I put tomato cages in each corner and hook a small blanket or a sheet to them for the first couple of weeks. It warms up here quickly (Literally overnight) and the poor little plants can get fried quickly until they are used to the heat. Here are my tomatoes - I love the yellow and orange tomato cages! I am working on replacing my old ones with these bright colors - aren't they so cheery!?!?!?!
They are planted in tires because we fill up the edges of them with water. The daytime heat warms up the heat and when it cools down at night it keeps the plants nice and warm. OUr nigh time temps in the summers are in the 40's. We also add a milk carton upside down eith the bottom cut out. It is pushed into the ground. Then when we water, we fill them up so the water gradually goes into the tomatoes. They are planted against the fence - perfect protection from the wind. They get as tall as the fence and are covered in yummy tomatoes!


Betty said...

I like the blanket idea to keep your tomatoes warm at night. Also I found those cute garden angels. Wouldn't those be fun to try and make!

Anonymous said...

Ladylike Post. This enter helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

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