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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Grandchildren's Garden and Stepping Stones and Snow!

Be sure and check out the other "Fertilizer Friday" gardens - they are all so fun to see! Thanks Tootsie for hosting this for us!

We woke up to snow.............
I was really excited to give you a little yard tour today to show you all my buds and things starting to blossom, but when we woke up there was snow. So I am sharing about my grandchildren's garden instead.
My grandchildren's garden is dedicated to my sweet little boys and someday girls too.
These little people call me "Mimi" or Grandma Mimi" This is my whimiscal garden and it is dedicated to them. It is part of the play yard and fairy garden area. It has all kinds of (edible) flowers, little toys, fairy garden etc.

We made a stepping stone for Wyatt the summer of 2008 and it was time to make it for all these little boys born since then.

Here are the four we made this week. I was going to put them out today and take a picture but it is snowing....I am a fair weather gardener!!!

This is the one we did for Wyatt - it is in the garden.

A little about my Grandchildren's Garden
I want our grandchildren to be a part of my gardening experience. I was part of my grandmother's gardening as were her other grandchildren and many of them have chosen this field in some form or another as their profession. Her love for gardening has extended for generations.
This is a corner of the grandchildren's play garden from last summer. In this garden there are all kinds of (edible) flowers, little toys, a fairy garden, the play yard etc. These are pix I took yesterday (before the snow!) of this area.

To your right is the play yard, the big tires, sand box, and tree house. Back in the corner is a board that the little boys can play with their trucks on.
To your left is the fairy garden, bottle tree and thinking spot area.
This is a post from last summer about planting a Fairy Garden with our oldest Grandson. http://bucketideasforgardening.blogspot.com/2009/04/finally-spring-is-in-idaho.html
Maybe it is the snow on the ground today but thinking about my "Grandchildren's Garden" reminded me of my "Grandchildren's Forrest " I do at Christmas - when you have a minute I would love for you to drop by, this is the link: http://bucketideasforchristmas.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-grandchildrens-forrest.html

Here are a few links with other other stepping stone ideas -

(from a blog post I made last summer - sorry if repeat!)
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Maureen said...

What a great idea. The grandkids must love to visit you!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I did this with my kids! Such fun!!

Debbie said...

You are one COOL grandma. I bet the kiddos love to come to your house! What a great place you have made for them and love the stones.

Beth said...

Your grandchildren's garden is adorable! I plan to visit your other links too, sounds like fun! The photo of the tulips in the snow is really lovely but here's to warmer weather for you.

Darla said...

So sorry about the snow...geez...
Adorable kid garden!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Snow! Now that's just not right.
You have the most wonderful grandchild garden. What a fun place.Did you do the painting on the little house and the little boy? So cute!

leavesnbloom said...

Paula these are just wonderful you are ever so creative. I'm the product of grandparents who encouraged me so much with gardening and plants so I think you are heading in the right direction with your little ones - there's so much that they can learn from just being in the garden and they don't even realised that they are learning - they think they are just having fun. Have a lovely weekend - Rosie

sewingseeds4U said...

What a wonderful idea...I will definitely be making some stepping stones for my grandkids. The little handprints are adorable. I love that they are a part of your garden...

Tootsie said...

this is just wonderful! You have thought of pretty much everything a kid could want! they are very lucky! thanks for linking in today...I have very much enjoyed my visit..and hope you will share with Fertilizer Friday again!

Angel said...

SNOW!?! OH NO THE HORROR!! That is Terrible! I should talk, they are predicting 35 degree temps. Sun. night around here.
How nice you are cultivating a new generation of gardeners!:)
Yes I do have 2 ponds; one 90 gal. & the other 300 gal. They both have wire that is used for fencing over and around them, plus netting.The set up on the large pond is more complex , we used rebar then wrapped the wire around the rebar for the sides ,then a top had to be made which hooks onto the sides. Makes it a REAL PAIN for us to get into to do anything!! The small one we were able to place the wire over and secure it with some rebar and metal garden edging.
Rebar,wire fencing , metal edging you can find @ lowes ect. I believe I have other pictures of the ponds on my other blog Welcome to Avalon's Garden & Greenhouse. You might be able to get a closer look at what we did. Hope this helps you:)Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend !

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

How did you make the stepping stones? I'd love to do some too with my international students.

Erin said...

What a fabulous idea! I'm not a grandmother (I'd better not be! Number 1 is only 19!), but I will never forget this idea...it is a wonderful gift to your grandchildren. Absolutely awesome.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

What a pretty garden you have, when your banner displayed I just sat and said "wow"! The snow is a refreshing thing to see, we hit 90 here in Texas this week!
So glad you stopped by my blog; I'm always on the lookout for garden blogs! The idea of pinecones in the bottom of pots was not original, my friend Brenda @ Cozy Little House does it and gave me the idea, now I pass it on to others!
I'll be back to visit more later, I'm following you now.

Sharon@KeenInspirations said...

Your garden looks so peaceful...I just noticed the lights on the tree..pretty neat idea!
I love the stepping stone idea for grandchildren! I have two visitng right now, and we may have to try something like that tomorrow! Thank you for the inspiration!

Alea said...

I can relate to waking up to snow! I love the stepping stones, and will probably give that a try with my kids this summer. It looks like an activity that will be enjoyed from the oldest to youngest.

Sandy said...

What a wonderful Grandma!!! I know your Grands have to love that little garden. The steeping stones are such a great ideal, just tooo cute! Now my friend you can keep the snow, not interested in that!! Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comments. Talk soon.

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