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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Garden and Birds

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I can't get blogger to let me switch the order of pictures - so sorry I didn't download them in the right order and I really want to get outside and dig in the dirt
so here you go!

My garden is ready to be tilled - this is a picture of it before.....

Our first fruit tree blossoms...WOO HOO

My bleeding heart is blooming finally!

We had a little visitor drop by yesterday - a beautiful pheasant.....Our garden got tilled last night - isn't this dirt lovely!
Ready to plant cool weather crops.....

My garden wreath I made out of a hose has become the home of this little mother robbin. She has been laying for 4 days now.
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Have a great week!


Angel said...

Well isn't that something with that robin!, how nice!
Your tree looks really pretty, and your tilled beds look ready to go!!
So I guess for you, it's get planting time!! :) Have fun!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your garden looks so nice all tilled up. Now you got to work girl LOL! Pheasants have the prettiest feathers.
Your Bleeding Hearts are so pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I like the look and the smell of freshly tilled soil.
Wow, a cool weather crop is one that we would have planted in February! Funny the difference a FEW miles makes,haha!

Andrea said...

You have a wide area to play with plants. However, i can't imagine how you were able to cope with those so many blogs you are doing, when i cant even manage with one! thanks for dropping by.

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