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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bloomin Tuesday! WOO HOO

Already time for Bloomin Tuesday.....the weather here has been windy for a couple of weeks. I haven't been out much , so today I grabbed my camera and literally blew around the yard. My pretty little plants are growing! They don't care about the wind!They are loving all the rain we are having and look healthy and strong. Ihave been missing it.....this was so good for me to get out and see what is going on and be more diligent about enjoying my garden more. I have a garden that people would love to see and I want to enjoy it daily by going out every morning and being in my lovely garden.
Here is a bunch of tulips that are growing...I can see these out the back window and they are lovely.
One of my favorite pots got broken so I put it around this bleeding heart. When it gets big - it looks like it is in the pot - add's a little texture to the area it is planted in. I need to line them up better, the snow seems to make it crooked - it was TOO windy today to do it! (We are having 60 mph gusts.)

The Monk's Hood is over a foot tall! I love this wonderful shade plant. It is a nice back drop to other plants and add's so much height. I planted this (it was one stalk) about 2 years ago and I am amazed this year at how much it has spread - woo hoo!

The Honeysuckle is coming to life! It is a zone 5 plant. We are zone 4 but we have a perfect zone 5 microclimate. We built a "pergebo" that is a cross between a pegoda and a gazebo. This grows on the fence surrounding the area. I have about 20 varieties of Hosta and they are all sticking their little heads through the ground - this is one of them. I love Hosta's. Here is the link to a past Hosta post that tells all about Hosta's http://bucketideasforgardening.blogspot.com/2010/03/hostas-my-garden-of-eden-plant.html.

This is the last one for today. I have a lily garden and they are all starting to come up too. They are lovely - can't wait to see them bloom.Thanks for coming to my blog/house for a visit - hope you have a great week. Take care if you are in a place with inclement weather.

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Thanks to Jean for hosting this!


Anonymous said...

Great way to salvage a broken pot, it will protect the delicate stems of the Bleeding Heart. :)

Meg said...

I love garden art and your broken pot fits the bill. Your banner is just fabulous. Everything looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing from one zone 4 gardener to another Blessings, Meg

Darla said...

Beautiful Tulips and kudos on keeping the container!

Becca's Dirt said...

You do have some pretties blooming. Have a good day. I love your blog.

Alea said...

I love how you made use of your broken pot! I am filing that idea away.

We are zone 4 as well and my Honeysuckle took a real hit last winter. All, but one of the plants survived -barely!

I enjoy seeing what you are growing because I don't have to research whether it will be able to handle our winters.

BTW, Your tulips are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like your tulips. They are very pretty. Good use of the broken pot!

Jean said...

Nice tulips and great idea for the broken pot. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Paula,
You are in the stage we were a few weeks ago. I remember when my hostas were poking through like yours, and now, they are nice and leafy. We had lots of snow this winter, as you probably did, too, and that was good for the plants even though it was quite cold for long stretches of time. Spring has been cool, too. It's been windy around here, as well, but I don't think we've had 60 miles an hour. Whew! I imagine you were blowing around taking your photos.

I love your tulips and the pot around the bleeding heart.

Andrea said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. It is amazing that you are still with snow while we are almost dying from extreme heat here in Manila around 37°C. That is a large property you are enclosing with wooden fence, we cannot do that here because of the voracious termites.

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